Farma Natura Bio - Vimang (oggi MANGIVIS) come integratore antiossidante naturale per pazienti con tumori maligni

Titolo originaleVimang as natural antioxidant supplementation in patients with malignant tumors di D. TAMAYO., E. MARI, S. GONZALEZ, M. GUEVARA, G. GARRIDO, R. DELGADO, R. MARCHIOU, A.J. NUÑEZ. - Minerva Medica 92:95-7 · Gennaio 2001

The use of medicinal p1ants as science to solve problems of health is known from remote times and even at the present time the p1ants are an important source of medications because may provide symptoms control and palliation in many disorders with minimal or no side effects. Considering the ethnic use of the different parts ofMangifera Indica L. (Mango's tree), the wide distribution in tropical and sub-tropical region, particularly in Cuba, and phytochemistry , pharmacological, toxicological, and ethnomedical experience in relation with it, we decide to study some different formulations as a natural supplementation. Cancerous process involves an overgrowth production of oxygen free radicals and VIMANG" (formulation of bark Mango's tree) has antioxidant properties that lead to an improvement of the quality of life in patients with malignant tumours. A total of t 123 patients diagnosed with cancer was recruited and received for six months a supplement with VIMANG". The evaluation of quality of life was made trough Depression Index, Integral Evaluation that includes haematological, biochemistry , total antioxidant status and clinical symptomalogy and Karnofsky's Index an indicator of performance
status. The results show that the 87% of patients achieved a signiflcative improvement in the total of evaluated parameters without adverse events manifestation. For these reasons we can conclude that VIMANG" supplement has a high potentials for its introduction in clinical practice as altemative therapy.


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