Farma Natura Bio - L'estratto di Mangifera indica L. (VIMANG, oggi MANGIVIS) e il suo principale polifenolo, la mangiferina, prevengono lo stress mitocondriale ossidante nei topi inclini all'aterosclerosi e con colesterolo alto

Titolo originaleMangifera indica L. extract (Vimang®) and its main polyphenol mangiferin prevent mitochondrial oxidative stress in atherosclerosis-prone hypercholesterolemic mouse di Gilberto L. Pardo-Andreu, Bruno A. Paim, Roger F. Castilho, Jesus A. Velho, Rene Delgado, Anibal E. Vercesi, Helena C.F. Oliveira. Pharmacological Research 57 (2008) 332–338

Atherosclerosis is linked to a number of oxidative events ranging from low-density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation to the increased production of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). We have recently demonstrated that liver mitochondria isolated from the atherosclerosis-prone hypercholesterolemic LDL receptor knockout (LDLr(-/-)) mice have lower content of NADP(H)-linked substrates than the controls and, as consequence, higher sensitivity to oxidative stress and mitochondrial membrane permeability transition (MPT). In the present work, we show that oral supplementation with the antioxidants Mangifera indica L. extract (Vimang) or its main polyphenol mangiferin shifted the sensitivity of LDLr(-/-) liver mitochondria to MPT to control levels. These in vivo treatments with Vimang and mangiferin also significantly reduced ROS generation by both isolated LDLr(-/-) liver mitochondria and spleen lymphocytes. In addition, these antioxidant treatments prevented mitochondrial NAD(P)H-linked substrates depletion and NADPH spontaneous oxidation. In summary, Vimang and mangiferin spared the endogenous reducing equivalents (NADPH) in LDLr(-/-) mice mitochondria correcting their lower antioxidant capacity and restoring the organelle redox homeostasis. The effective bioavailability of these compounds makes them suitable antioxidants with potential use in atherosclerosis susceptible conditions.


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